Monday, February 25, 2013

Bored anything. . .

didn't do any thing it, make you bored

as I experienced at this time. just waiting for the research done and everything about collage will be end. Yes, I was in the end of the semester. I began to enjoy my favorite bit. What didn't I like, I always avoid if it leads to bad things.

Indeed, the position of the offing, will accompany me on a higher gate again. Someday, I'll be remembering this time. So, at least I'm enjoying a little bored and enjoy the views from the room and front porch accompanied by "teddy" so I called him.

enjoy the outdoors while bored, isn't that better than we do bad things?

dress : handmade from me // galactica shoes

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hope, will be meet you, abang

After all this time I left a post on the blog, I'll start a post back at my leisure when bored staring at "skripsi". Here I will discuss the people who we want to meet. I dream to meet up with friends from all over Indonesia blogger and abroad. I am already starting to meet with friends from Solo blogger. You can see his website at Bengawan Blog. Here, I can find the space craft pours everything (no overall).
However, now, I really want to meet with people who have -notaben- entertain me during this time. Since was introduced to the brothers (Abang) a few months ago, I learn a lot from him indirectly. Perhaps the thing that makes the blocked meet because of the distance. Like an astronaut and moon. The interesting thing is how the brothers "The brothers (Abang) makes everything more open minded". If meet brother (abang) things I want to do, the SD-card him with my photos. Full! haha LOL.
Oh, Yes. The brother (Abang), amateur shy about photography. You can see his work here (facebook), here (tumblr) and here (flickr). If you guys are interested to make a with the brother (Abang) become a "photographer" in any event you, guys, you can contact her ""
Now, see her capture :

and I got the inspiration for one of the photos from nephew Brother (Abang), when looking at the photo gallery on my mobile phone after of ballet and I capture my self five's photo, but just upload two's. Sorry. 

 Aira you can call a little girl :)
and you can see his face from Abang. taraaaaaaaaaaa :

just small :P ahahahaha