Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Comeback, guys!

Finally, I have the free time. Where I can put everything on this blog. indeed, for many month I stopped short writing activities on the blog. I will never abandon the blog again. if it happens again, I'm just no time to write.
now that I've entered the seven semesters. I have to concentrate for the final semester. I need some writing for the title my scription. really, it was not easy because it is still stacked with class schedules. Oh, dear ... for me this is the beginning of the struggle. however I must complete my goal was to go to university. I wanted to quickly pass. maybe I'm a little bored because for three years I just had a thought activity "without challenge". yes, next semester, I had a graduation, a bachelor's degree. I should enjoy the last lecture.
I will definitely remember this time, where I found a lot of friends, lots of experience, lots of activities, love and most importantly, I found a hope and purpose.
at this stage, it might be a grueling stage. however, I have to pass it. is like an iceberg highest I should go with a couple of snow storms.
Now, I would like treading new life. hey, look! I cut my long hair to short it. I seem to feel more comfortable with that now.
And present this my comeback to blog for my readers, with blue


it's make you feel happy.  

mommy polkadot dress // malioboro bag // crocs shoes // rainbow belt brown unbranded // aligner watch