Thursday, March 22, 2012

My New Fresh Personality

I'm always busy with my exams, papers, scientific journals and some of the activities that add to skill me. It was drained of energy and my time. Fortunately, these days, I can use that time to open my blog. I miss all. longing to write, will miss blogwalking in every blog. I think for a moment, that I would start my blog about this change. I will be more focused on my daily life. friends, family, hobby, culinary and some place. I also hope, readers can enjoy it. So, it would not worse right?
Now, look, I'll upload some pictures that show my activities to spend some time to enjoy the new atmosphere in tea n' tea place with a lot of papers and scientific journals. And you can look, if my face is very simple.
some of my friends once asked "Do you not use make-up?" and I will answer "No. I'm just using it as a relaxing time, an formality time. for my daily, I only use sunscreen and baby powder (It's so look a smooth)". So, enjoy.

Chair for sit. It's so old

Found the bike old. Same with the bike my grandpa. I love so much

Old Bag in the bike. Very simple but it's a antique

Capture the photo in front of tea n' tea corporate boards

The yard is very smooth for my heart when i finished my paper and scientific journals

many chairs a make me cozy

handmade shirt // aigner watch // blue jeans strech // goudy shoes