Sunday, February 26, 2012

My best friend Senior High Schol #Part 1

Hello world!
you as a woman, would ever have a best guy friend. yes, of course! like me and my old friend. Aji Wicaksono (you cand find out him in facebook as Ajhi Wicaksono) . He was my friend when I enter in senior high school. friend, not meant to be handsome and luxurious look. but friend who for me is to understand our circumstances, our grief and help each other when we are in trouble. such as aji. he's always there. he is my best friend. in the second grade, I met again. how not? I and Aji one class in the majors science. until we graduated and went our college in a different department, and aji I'm still a good friend. Now, what about you?

Aji : Badger t-shirt // vans shoes // indie product jacket // headphone // distro short // army ransel

Me : cubitus snoopy t-shirt // gift dress // japan outer jacket // california shoes // mom's bag


  1. aw so cute! you guys look like your are having fun :)

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  2. Seems like you two are really good friends, these photos are really cute :)

  3. I love your smile, you both look so sweet together :)

  4. What fun and cute pictures!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog! :)