Sunday, February 12, 2012

Miss you all, guys!

Do you remember about your friends? about they mistake? about favourite they? (anything) about problems they? yes, of course!

average 2 months ago, when the holiday collage, i feel it's very excited for me. cause not exam, paper, practicum. but, i lose my best friend for 2 months. They are returned to each the city. They're fill the holiday self.
two weeks ago when they were reunited, they plan a vacation that I think a lot of fun. they contacted me and asked me. I really - really happy. however, when my grandmother was sick, I reject the plan a vacation with them. indeed, the things I did not want. I had to face a situation where I had to choose between my grandmother and my best friends. So, I decided to accompany my grandmother in the hospital.
the next day, I heard their story, was very want to play with them. moreover, schedule my vacation to Bandung also failed. Well, maybe I should conclude with the thought that the best. it's very sad. but, unfortunately, my friends always uptodate. and post the photo when they a vacation.

they're like as brother and sister

Ellen : channel bag // zebra zara // jeans // connexion shoes

Rendra : skater jacket // rolling stone distro // distro jeans // eiger sandals // G-shock watch

Rizal : nevada t-shirt // logo jeans // distro sandals


  1. Cool post - and I am sure you'll pull through. :)

  2. You and your friends looking cute ^___^ xx

  3. You have great friends, I can see they're both good people hehehe :)


  4. great photos dear:)
    come to follow back? im a your new follower :)