Sunday, February 12, 2012

for my dream (Quote of the day)

Long days, i can't post in my blog. Absolutely, I miss my blog. When I'm writing about my daily activity, my hobby, my culture, my travel and anything. Because I do not write anything on the blog, I spent my vacation. Last holiday in my college. I have used the time that should be a good. because if not, I'll feel my time is not useful when it. You know, i spent average 2 months to holiday. It's very made me confusion. And any another place in Indonesia for spent the holidays.

Monday, i will prepare 1st lecture. for activity in my college, lecturer will hold contract for colloge. Then, must study hard. Exam, paper, report, practicum and anything else. I will start usualy activity. Wake up, go to bath, always pray, breakfast, go to my collage, lunch in cafetaria, next to study (again), go home, take a rest (if i can), go to ekskul, dinner and go to bad (sleep). My routinity can't be happines. but, sometimes make me crazy and lazy.

Sometimes, when are serious about learning, in the middle of the time when I was getting bored, I often dreamed of. I dream very much. I always wanted to grab it. however, I realized that sometimes, if I'm just a dreamer and not doing business, it is not possible if the dream I'd achieved. Therefore, from now, I'm not just dreaming. however, to realize my dream with all my effort. Whether the future, my destiny will be what kind of success. However, I'm sure. I could be successful. Although the road must be thousands of miles and millions of large stone block. is not that positive things that make us the spirit to achieve success?

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