Saturday, February 4, 2012

Brown Bag from My best friend

last Wednesday, when I'm tired of looking for a clarity of college work practice (which is a problem with my department and head of the student intern), I slumped because I instead found a clarity. but the big question mark. when it is, friends my group (my best friend friend, Ellen his name) said that would leave me alone and would meet someone. I said yes. few minutes later, Ellen came up to me and handing me a large plastic pack. I was shocked. of course. then he said "It's a present for you. I'm sorry, late. new bag so of order" I accept and say "Never mind. I'm happy. thank you" and I promise to post this gift in my blog and go home.
When I arrived in home, I capture the images giving Ellen. See the beautiful, is not it?

These bags are very multi-functional. See strap to carry this bag. you can mix and match. It's up to you. you want a long rope with a model? or the rope with braids and short-model? Simple. I really - really grateful to Ellen, my best friend :) 

bag: spoonfork

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