Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Black items

Black colour always has been a favorite for the men, young punk, metal, hardcore and black lovers might. Today is very boring to me. I was alone at home. I do not know what to do nothing but perpetuate the collection activities of clothes with you. television show seems boring to me. probably because there is no entertainment or cartoons. I spent the day by enjoying a myriad of snack foods in cupboards (see, how much my weigh now) and my network connections internet (oh, really) a lot of fun today. made fast internet browsing. Now, I'm just waiting for my little sister from back senior high school. I plan on having lunch with him. because the food at the dining table is up. This day really - really boring day for me. however, there would be boring if I demonstrated to you, a collection of clothes. please see


  1. I like your creative poses! thanks for visting my blog, following you too xx misstea & co.

  2. thank you miss.tea :)
    i'm very proud, can be your friend