Monday, February 6, 2012

Batik clothes for all people

Batik. This is clothing that has been established UNESCO that Indonesia's batik clothing is original. I'm very proud. And this makes young people more and work with their clothes. Batik is now not only used by the parents. However, young people are very into the tradition of wearing batik. evidence that, if young people love Indonesia. large collection of batik that I have, but batik clothes are made from the cold is in the image below. Simple is not it? if I'm traveling with a cousin, like any official event, I always wear batik. very convenient and easy to use. Now, no more young people feel insecure using Batik. now we see it, many young people are using batik. I was looking, looking very proud. you also?

clothes : batik sidoluhur
shoes : nevada

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  1. Cute batik! Your blog is nice too. I'm a follower now :)