Sunday, February 26, 2012

My best friend Senior High Schol #Part 1

Hello world!
you as a woman, would ever have a best guy friend. yes, of course! like me and my old friend. Aji Wicaksono (you cand find out him in facebook as Ajhi Wicaksono) . He was my friend when I enter in senior high school. friend, not meant to be handsome and luxurious look. but friend who for me is to understand our circumstances, our grief and help each other when we are in trouble. such as aji. he's always there. he is my best friend. in the second grade, I met again. how not? I and Aji one class in the majors science. until we graduated and went our college in a different department, and aji I'm still a good friend. Now, what about you?

Aji : Badger t-shirt // vans shoes // indie product jacket // headphone // distro short // army ransel

Me : cubitus snoopy t-shirt // gift dress // japan outer jacket // california shoes // mom's bag

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Miss you all, guys!

Do you remember about your friends? about they mistake? about favourite they? (anything) about problems they? yes, of course!

average 2 months ago, when the holiday collage, i feel it's very excited for me. cause not exam, paper, practicum. but, i lose my best friend for 2 months. They are returned to each the city. They're fill the holiday self.
two weeks ago when they were reunited, they plan a vacation that I think a lot of fun. they contacted me and asked me. I really - really happy. however, when my grandmother was sick, I reject the plan a vacation with them. indeed, the things I did not want. I had to face a situation where I had to choose between my grandmother and my best friends. So, I decided to accompany my grandmother in the hospital.
the next day, I heard their story, was very want to play with them. moreover, schedule my vacation to Bandung also failed. Well, maybe I should conclude with the thought that the best. it's very sad. but, unfortunately, my friends always uptodate. and post the photo when they a vacation.

they're like as brother and sister

Ellen : channel bag // zebra zara // jeans // connexion shoes

Rendra : skater jacket // rolling stone distro // distro jeans // eiger sandals // G-shock watch

Rizal : nevada t-shirt // logo jeans // distro sandals

for my dream (Quote of the day)

Long days, i can't post in my blog. Absolutely, I miss my blog. When I'm writing about my daily activity, my hobby, my culture, my travel and anything. Because I do not write anything on the blog, I spent my vacation. Last holiday in my college. I have used the time that should be a good. because if not, I'll feel my time is not useful when it. You know, i spent average 2 months to holiday. It's very made me confusion. And any another place in Indonesia for spent the holidays.

Monday, i will prepare 1st lecture. for activity in my college, lecturer will hold contract for colloge. Then, must study hard. Exam, paper, report, practicum and anything else. I will start usualy activity. Wake up, go to bath, always pray, breakfast, go to my collage, lunch in cafetaria, next to study (again), go home, take a rest (if i can), go to ekskul, dinner and go to bad (sleep). My routinity can't be happines. but, sometimes make me crazy and lazy.

Sometimes, when are serious about learning, in the middle of the time when I was getting bored, I often dreamed of. I dream very much. I always wanted to grab it. however, I realized that sometimes, if I'm just a dreamer and not doing business, it is not possible if the dream I'd achieved. Therefore, from now, I'm not just dreaming. however, to realize my dream with all my effort. Whether the future, my destiny will be what kind of success. However, I'm sure. I could be successful. Although the road must be thousands of miles and millions of large stone block. is not that positive things that make us the spirit to achieve success?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Glasses for the Image

Do you remember when the day felt veery hot ? it's make your eyes very sad. because you must to close your eyes reflect. And for me, it's very sucks. Although it's not important for you, you must be careful. Because, the earth is experiencing Global Warming. It's very afraid for me. because, when ozon be a hole, UV A and UV B from the sun, make skin cancer and aging. Very bad ? yeah of course!
So, you must over protection your eyes although, eyes always forgotten for we. of course?
Let's we wear sunglasses for prevent sunlight danger.
Oh, yeah! I found the glasses from my design from Polyvore . Now, you can enjoy it. :)

Black items

Black colour always has been a favorite for the men, young punk, metal, hardcore and black lovers might. Today is very boring to me. I was alone at home. I do not know what to do nothing but perpetuate the collection activities of clothes with you. television show seems boring to me. probably because there is no entertainment or cartoons. I spent the day by enjoying a myriad of snack foods in cupboards (see, how much my weigh now) and my network connections internet (oh, really) a lot of fun today. made fast internet browsing. Now, I'm just waiting for my little sister from back senior high school. I plan on having lunch with him. because the food at the dining table is up. This day really - really boring day for me. however, there would be boring if I demonstrated to you, a collection of clothes. please see

Monday, February 6, 2012

Brown for valentine ? not too bad

valentine. not always identical to the all-pink color. you can wear it with any color other than pink. if you can see the identical pink valentine, you'll always see the valentine with chocolate candy. yes, chocolate. you could use clothing or pants with a brown color. not very creative? if you use other clothing than others. It will look very prominent you. you can use with high-heeled shoes (if you want to look taller). flat shoes can also be an alternative choice (if you do not want anything to happen). This February, it does not mean you have to spend in buying pink. it's not the type of savings. Now, look at what's on in your clothes. try to mix and match.

clothes : vintage
pants : metta
shoes : oktha
bag : spoonfork

Batik clothes for all people

Batik. This is clothing that has been established UNESCO that Indonesia's batik clothing is original. I'm very proud. And this makes young people more and work with their clothes. Batik is now not only used by the parents. However, young people are very into the tradition of wearing batik. evidence that, if young people love Indonesia. large collection of batik that I have, but batik clothes are made from the cold is in the image below. Simple is not it? if I'm traveling with a cousin, like any official event, I always wear batik. very convenient and easy to use. Now, no more young people feel insecure using Batik. now we see it, many young people are using batik. I was looking, looking very proud. you also?

clothes : batik sidoluhur
shoes : nevada

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Brown Bag from My best friend

last Wednesday, when I'm tired of looking for a clarity of college work practice (which is a problem with my department and head of the student intern), I slumped because I instead found a clarity. but the big question mark. when it is, friends my group (my best friend friend, Ellen his name) said that would leave me alone and would meet someone. I said yes. few minutes later, Ellen came up to me and handing me a large plastic pack. I was shocked. of course. then he said "It's a present for you. I'm sorry, late. new bag so of order" I accept and say "Never mind. I'm happy. thank you" and I promise to post this gift in my blog and go home.
When I arrived in home, I capture the images giving Ellen. See the beautiful, is not it?

These bags are very multi-functional. See strap to carry this bag. you can mix and match. It's up to you. you want a long rope with a model? or the rope with braids and short-model? Simple. I really - really grateful to Ellen, my best friend :) 

bag: spoonfork