Friday, January 6, 2012

Whichgoose last year 2011

December 2011 that last year, makes me happy. I have successfully created DIY a very natural whichgoose of lace fabric. At first I made ​​it with dried flowers. Failed. Because the flakes of dried flowers, fall foul hair. It's very frustrating for me. Takes a long time to clean it. Then, opened the closet a long time, I found a beautiful white dress. It fascinated me, himself staring in the mirror. Amazing. If one is interested in making whichgoose, please Contact Me and now, see my photos :

hair : blowed with hot medium hairdryer
hair accessories : DIY whichgoose
bracelet: Maluku
dress: vintage

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  1. hmmm....

    beautiful girl...

    perfect sist..

    *nice to see u ;)

    keep in touch and have joined u on no. 26