Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Miu - Miu Fall 2012 Brand

Today, I traveled to a place that requires me to wear a super lot. Jacket, shirt and scarf. Just imagine in Indonesia should wear something like that. Fortunately, I only wear it once and today. Get a new experience? for sure.
While waiting in the waiting room somewhere (which requires me to wear a lot of super-red) I opened the internet with wifi and find the link of the Miu - Miu Fall 2012 brand It's a very charming vintage. See

Pastel in the vintage? good combination

sleep with shoes? anyone else?
I want it so much


  1. halo Lya, aku juga udah follow kamu :))))
    ini link fb aku,!/hastuti.rini
    twiter ada tapi jarang pake :D
    nice to meet you :)))))

  2. Beautiful! The shoes are so cute!:)

    X Camilla

  3. @ rini : thak you. nice to meet you too. Hope, we can be a friend :)
    @ camilla : yes, of course :) i will blogwalking in your blog :)