Sunday, January 29, 2012

Love about Paris

You know Paris? cities in the world known as the city of love. even though people call it is the city of light. where the lights were scattered around the city and of course the Eiffel Tower.
I love the city of Paris, always see the collection of paris. whatever it is. but the most important is the Eiffel Tower.
I never had to the city of Paris. However, some cartoons, romantic films and comedy films, has always described the city of Paris. I always follow it. But for furniture, I do not always follow. because finding things difficult.
I found some pictures on google about the Eiffel Tower. you can enjoy it.

Paris book

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now if I was in Paris. I will do what? Hasn't been planned. I just want to enjoy paris, staring at the towering Eiffel Tower, enjoy a raw lobster, raw oysters (probably, I saw in the movie Mr. Bean). it is only illusion. but I always hoped, I want to go there. Paris.

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