Sunday, January 8, 2012

In the Vanilla Plant, alone

When My mother told me to help examine the vanilla plant, my idea to take pictures near the vanilla plant. I'm a bit of trouble when taking pictures. Just imagine, in a broad area of ​​the plant, none of the places to put cameras and coincidence, I was alone, no partner who could take my picture. I'm sad. However, my brain was spinning on to discover ideas. Yeah, right. I found a block such as toys, I put the camera over the place. Initially I had back and forth to check the results, if all looks. Really, difficult if taking pictures in nature, without any partners. At least, I can show you, a little fashion that I wear. See:

place: mini garden vanilla plant
dress: vintage
shoes: floop wedges

P.S : the sun
is shining too brightly today, like the clothes I wear

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