Saturday, January 14, 2012

Flower dress

Today I have schedule with my friends. My old friend, new friends or friends from my classmate in university. I'm in charge of interviewing them one by one about fashion style. They turned out to have the example of fashion by self. It is very interesting isn't it?
I was in charge of interviewing, while my friend Panji, He as a photographer. Very expert at all when he took a picture. Different to me that taking pictures with a slingshot origin. After the show finished interviewed and taked pictures, I came home and found a beautiful flower dress. Vintage look is not it? simple yet classic and elegant look. I like it. I added an item with a belt,so that it looks sleek fall on me. :) See :

Photographer by: Kurnia

bag: Krisna Bali
shoes: Floop
dress : Rolanda
white belt : Strawberry 


  1. that flower dress looks so good on you Lya :)

  2. That dress is so cute, love the print! :)

    Have a lovely weekend
    X Camilla

  3. thank you camilla :)
    i will blogwalking in your blog