Saturday, January 7, 2012

Body Shape as a Pear

A pear. Identical to the bottom of the fruit. Like the female body in general. Pelvis, waist, buttocks, thighs and calves are always great. Fat accumulation in the region of the bottom. The women always look like if there is any form of clothing. However, to the bottom (jeans, hotpants), the pear body always think twice to buy it quickly. Because if they tried it in the locker room, must exstra more to be patient to wearing pants.
I have a few tips and solutions if you want to try it.
DO :

Wear boot cut pants or Baggy-shaped (straight pipe) pants
Use a dark-colored pants or skirts

use the A-shaped dress, like a blouse or long cover the waist.
superior model clothes (the chest and arm), should be stacked. in order to increase the volume of the top 
Don't  use the leggings without closing up the thigh. This will enlarge the size of the lower trunk
Don't use a V-shaped collar
Don't skirts span
Don't pockets of pants or skirt the side

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