Sunday, January 29, 2012

White dress and stocking

This day a Sunday. everyone would have to spend time relaxing. gather with family. I spent a week on vacation to enjoy car free day, today. quite tiring for me. but I'm happy. exercise producing sweat in the morning on the main street of town solo. very nice isn't it?
then, after completion of enjoying the car free day, I'll go to a wedding reception the son of a friend of my parents. Actually I was ready. but my mother didn't let me (because the invitation is only for two people). actually a little disappointed, because I didn't see the reception decor (I use this knowledge later if I get married). never mind, I capture all the clothes will I wear. let's see, what do you think?

dress : white vintage
stocking : tokyo (from ballet)
shoes : floop
hair : curly with your curly comb after ponytail hair

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