Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Visit at Mangkunegaran Palace Solo

This even semester breaks, I had a brilliant idea. I would like to invite both my grandmother from my father and mother visited the Palace Mangkunegaran. I called my grandmother. They're agree! I immediately put on clothes that show my spirits today. by driving the sexy, I pick up my grandmother. Arriving at the palace Mangkunegaran, When, myself and my grandmother arrived, many tourists from the german and dutch. how full of people - people tall and blonde -. Same with my guide. She seemed to tower so high. I got to be tilted my head to see his face. I have many times to visit the palace Mangkunegaran. Because I like to visit historical places. It made me think crazy. how could they do the job first before the industrial era. for me, it's very difficult. maybe not for them.
My guide, what a coincidence, had been a My idea previous . She was very kind to allow me to take pictures. He speaks fluent German. I'm a little German said. This repeats the lesson in the Senior High School. see picture.

blue blouse : S&J //  Fashion Village dress // Oktha shoes // Krisna Bali braid bag // Aligner watch

In front of photo's Mangkunegaran Familys

Some private area, can't take the picture. So, I just take the picture in some area. :) You want visit Mangkunegaran Palace? Prepare your money IDR 5.000 and if u visit not group, you must pay a guide (it's up to you)