Tuesday, January 24, 2012

After illness

sick? why sick?
I don't know about it. But, God always make me to be illness. to remind us of what God has given us. so, God still love us. I believe it. God is always another plan behind the plan our agenda. I don't understand it. but, always grateful when I pray God to give me a good plan. I am very grateful.
when sick yesterday, I already have a thousand agendas to fill my vacation. but it turns out, the agenda of all I have to scratch from the list. I was warned to take a break while enjoying the holiday period. indeed, this incredible vacation for me.
I off my social networks such as facebook, twitter and of course my blog dear. I'm tired of the light beam generated by the laptop. really. I spend my time with brief rest. enjoy views of the city, the green plants around my home and family warmth. really very beautiful.

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