Sunday, January 29, 2012

White dress and stocking

This day a Sunday. everyone would have to spend time relaxing. gather with family. I spent a week on vacation to enjoy car free day, today. quite tiring for me. but I'm happy. exercise producing sweat in the morning on the main street of town solo. very nice isn't it?
then, after completion of enjoying the car free day, I'll go to a wedding reception the son of a friend of my parents. Actually I was ready. but my mother didn't let me (because the invitation is only for two people). actually a little disappointed, because I didn't see the reception decor (I use this knowledge later if I get married). never mind, I capture all the clothes will I wear. let's see, what do you think?

dress : white vintage
stocking : tokyo (from ballet)
shoes : floop
hair : curly with your curly comb after ponytail hair

Love about Paris

You know Paris? cities in the world known as the city of love. even though people call it is the city of light. where the lights were scattered around the city and of course the Eiffel Tower.
I love the city of Paris, always see the collection of paris. whatever it is. but the most important is the Eiffel Tower.
I never had to the city of Paris. However, some cartoons, romantic films and comedy films, has always described the city of Paris. I always follow it. But for furniture, I do not always follow. because finding things difficult.
I found some pictures on google about the Eiffel Tower. you can enjoy it.

Paris book

Do you remember Anastasia ?? You can get Anastasia Necklace in fanpop
now if I was in Paris. I will do what? Hasn't been planned. I just want to enjoy paris, staring at the towering Eiffel Tower, enjoy a raw lobster, raw oysters (probably, I saw in the movie Mr. Bean). it is only illusion. but I always hoped, I want to go there. Paris.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

After illness

sick? why sick?
I don't know about it. But, God always make me to be illness. to remind us of what God has given us. so, God still love us. I believe it. God is always another plan behind the plan our agenda. I don't understand it. but, always grateful when I pray God to give me a good plan. I am very grateful.
when sick yesterday, I already have a thousand agendas to fill my vacation. but it turns out, the agenda of all I have to scratch from the list. I was warned to take a break while enjoying the holiday period. indeed, this incredible vacation for me.
I off my social networks such as facebook, twitter and of course my blog dear. I'm tired of the light beam generated by the laptop. really. I spend my time with brief rest. enjoy views of the city, the green plants around my home and family warmth. really very beautiful.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Visit at Mangkunegaran Palace Solo

This even semester breaks, I had a brilliant idea. I would like to invite both my grandmother from my father and mother visited the Palace Mangkunegaran. I called my grandmother. They're agree! I immediately put on clothes that show my spirits today. by driving the sexy, I pick up my grandmother. Arriving at the palace Mangkunegaran, When, myself and my grandmother arrived, many tourists from the german and dutch. how full of people - people tall and blonde -. Same with my guide. She seemed to tower so high. I got to be tilted my head to see his face. I have many times to visit the palace Mangkunegaran. Because I like to visit historical places. It made me think crazy. how could they do the job first before the industrial era. for me, it's very difficult. maybe not for them.
My guide, what a coincidence, had been a My idea previous . She was very kind to allow me to take pictures. He speaks fluent German. I'm a little German said. This repeats the lesson in the Senior High School. see picture.

blue blouse : S&J //  Fashion Village dress // Oktha shoes // Krisna Bali braid bag // Aligner watch

In front of photo's Mangkunegaran Familys

Some private area, can't take the picture. So, I just take the picture in some area. :) You want visit Mangkunegaran Palace? Prepare your money IDR 5.000 and if u visit not group, you must pay a guide (it's up to you)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Flower dress

Today I have schedule with my friends. My old friend, new friends or friends from my classmate in university. I'm in charge of interviewing them one by one about fashion style. They turned out to have the example of fashion by self. It is very interesting isn't it?
I was in charge of interviewing, while my friend Panji, He as a photographer. Very expert at all when he took a picture. Different to me that taking pictures with a slingshot origin. After the show finished interviewed and taked pictures, I came home and found a beautiful flower dress. Vintage look is not it? simple yet classic and elegant look. I like it. I added an item with a belt,so that it looks sleek fall on me. :) See :

Photographer by: Kurnia

bag: Krisna Bali
shoes: Floop
dress : Rolanda
white belt : Strawberry 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Miu - Miu Fall 2012 Brand

Today, I traveled to a place that requires me to wear a super lot. Jacket, shirt and scarf. Just imagine in Indonesia should wear something like that. Fortunately, I only wear it once and today. Get a new experience? for sure.
While waiting in the waiting room somewhere (which requires me to wear a lot of super-red) I opened the internet with wifi and find the link of the Miu - Miu Fall 2012 brand It's a very charming vintage. See

Pastel in the vintage? good combination

sleep with shoes? anyone else?
I want it so much

Sunday, January 8, 2012

In the Vanilla Plant, alone

When My mother told me to help examine the vanilla plant, my idea to take pictures near the vanilla plant. I'm a bit of trouble when taking pictures. Just imagine, in a broad area of ​​the plant, none of the places to put cameras and coincidence, I was alone, no partner who could take my picture. I'm sad. However, my brain was spinning on to discover ideas. Yeah, right. I found a block such as toys, I put the camera over the place. Initially I had back and forth to check the results, if all looks. Really, difficult if taking pictures in nature, without any partners. At least, I can show you, a little fashion that I wear. See:

place: mini garden vanilla plant
dress: vintage
shoes: floop wedges

P.S : the sun
is shining too brightly today, like the clothes I wear

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Body Shape as a Pear

A pear. Identical to the bottom of the fruit. Like the female body in general. Pelvis, waist, buttocks, thighs and calves are always great. Fat accumulation in the region of the bottom. The women always look like if there is any form of clothing. However, to the bottom (jeans, hotpants), the pear body always think twice to buy it quickly. Because if they tried it in the locker room, must exstra more to be patient to wearing pants.
I have a few tips and solutions if you want to try it.
DO :

Wear boot cut pants or Baggy-shaped (straight pipe) pants
Use a dark-colored pants or skirts

use the A-shaped dress, like a blouse or long cover the waist.
superior model clothes (the chest and arm), should be stacked. in order to increase the volume of the top 
Don't  use the leggings without closing up the thigh. This will enlarge the size of the lower trunk
Don't use a V-shaped collar
Don't skirts span
Don't pockets of pants or skirt the side

Friday, January 6, 2012

Whichgoose last year 2011

December 2011 that last year, makes me happy. I have successfully created DIY a very natural whichgoose of lace fabric. At first I made ​​it with dried flowers. Failed. Because the flakes of dried flowers, fall foul hair. It's very frustrating for me. Takes a long time to clean it. Then, opened the closet a long time, I found a beautiful white dress. It fascinated me, himself staring in the mirror. Amazing. If one is interested in making whichgoose, please Contact Me and now, see my photos :

hair : blowed with hot medium hairdryer
hair accessories : DIY whichgoose
bracelet: Maluku
dress: vintage

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Thank you TOKO 68 Wall Sticker

Some years ago, I was looking for an online store that sells inexpensive items or special reseller for wall stickers. At first, I get a link on one of Facebook account. It cost three times the price in general. The model is good, unfortunately, the available colors of black and white only.
After finded toko 68, I see the terms and conditions apply. How to purchase and transfer. Pretty easy. Actually a lot that I want to buy. However, I think buying a little first. and after my creativity own, voila, the result is amazing. see :

And thank you for having put up my photo in your blog toko 68.