Sunday, December 25, 2011

Holidays School

This week is a senior high school and junior high school holidays. I as a student, there has been no holiday. And even then the task of piling my campus. Makes me frustrated, maybe. for each completed task, come back a new task is waiting. I was 5th semester. However, at the time of vacation opportunities exist, would I use the time with the best. I would never waste. When all vacation in one of top the Villa, I do not follow from the beginning of the journey.
One day later, I followed by bus . Amazing! I sleep. However, when my father called me, I woke up. Thanks good. I start the holiday on Saturday, December 24 (yesterday). arrived at the Villa, all my extended family, head out. Turns out they were all just waiting for me. Arriving at the place of tourism Sarangan, aunt - mom stormed sarangan souvenir sales. Leopard Scarf. They are all twins. Not to forget again, we tried speedboat. Cool! it feels like action movies. The journey continues to the Magetan. we were all there to hunt native handicrafts made ​​of leather. Bags, Shoes, Sandals, Wallets.Night, we spent to eat in a Kwali Soto and rest (Very cold the weather). Today, we visited the Tomb of Mr. and Mrs. Tien Soeharto. That's a simple but impressive journey with my extended family.

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