Thursday, December 15, 2011

Happy Birthday 20 years

15 December
 Happy Birthday to me. Happy birthday to me. Happy Birthday... Happy Birthday... Happy birthday to me :)
thank you for My God, Allah SWT.
Today I am still given the opportunity to experience life, do good, dutiful to my parents and many request that I can't call one by one. I am also very grateful to my friends who spoke via facebook, twitter, e-mail and sms. Today is my new sheets for the age to 20 years. Expect more to this age. where I should be more religious, more mature and everything merely human abilities.
Thanks to Mom and Dad are already raising, caring and looking me for 20 years. I hope can be Mom and Dad proud with me. And congratulations to my birthday night when I still sleep.
My youngers sisters who congratulated via eating a meal. hahaha. LOL.
And the last of my boyfriend. thank you've surprised me even today despite the rain brought a cake. It's a special for me :)

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