Monday, November 28, 2011

Visit Factory in POCARI SWEAT

5th semester, in my departement faculty, we must finished 'SKS' from perancangan pabrik 1. which is a visit factory. we choice the factory in another place, free! Days, months we skip it. Confused, hopeless, disappointed with the factory that can't be accept we proposal, etc. When, we hope -very hope- with the factory Pocari Sweat, finaly, we accept and you know? it made we happy. After all finished, we go to in Pocari Sweat. Very luxurious when entered into the first room. And from the guide Pocari Sweat, introduced the brand from they.

But, I must choose the dress who same with symbol from Pocari Sweat. It's a blue and white. And I fashion choose for my dress is a blue. Cause when I wear white, can be dirty :)

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