Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy! can be friend with Mi Kyung Kim in Facebook

yesterday, when I buy the book is a "Fantastic Cosmetic" I'm very prouded. You know why ? Cause, buy it from my money. When I buy it, thingking to buy or not. But, I remember Mom, always said, "Buy it (the book) if very interesting for you. If not, don't buy it. Will spent your money" and I buy it. Hahaha.... very very like with the book it. And in front of the book, you can find the writer. Her name is Mi Kyung Kim. Then, i click the link website and blog. Voilaaa... it's very cute profile >,< look at the picture from her blog and facebook. I edited it used Photoshop

Mi Kyung Kim profile

My new friends from Facebook :)
Thank you :)

note : I'm realy fans of Mrs. Mi Kyung Kim :)

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