Wednesday, November 30, 2011

don't judge from the cover

Happy ?
this is my choice. because in around me always make me smile. anything. it's make me happy and felt more young. this is a principle from me. Always smile, laugh and happy. Yeah. probably a lot of people thought I was a child like as cheerleader. Can't be seriously and just fun. It's wrong! If u don't know about me, dont judge me from the cover. Because my fashion sytle cover, just modest. I'am not artist, not the child's state officials. I'am just ordinary girl who will be a extraordinary girl (hope it). And I always quiet if meet first new people. You know why ? Cause I'm afraid if I wrong speak about anything (maybe people will regard me "sok tau" similiar with like to know). So, if u want to know about me or maybe many people in the world, dont judge from their cover! Remember it. 


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