Wednesday, November 30, 2011

don't judge from the cover

Happy ?
this is my choice. because in around me always make me smile. anything. it's make me happy and felt more young. this is a principle from me. Always smile, laugh and happy. Yeah. probably a lot of people thought I was a child like as cheerleader. Can't be seriously and just fun. It's wrong! If u don't know about me, dont judge me from the cover. Because my fashion sytle cover, just modest. I'am not artist, not the child's state officials. I'am just ordinary girl who will be a extraordinary girl (hope it). And I always quiet if meet first new people. You know why ? Cause I'm afraid if I wrong speak about anything (maybe people will regard me "sok tau" similiar with like to know). So, if u want to know about me or maybe many people in the world, dont judge from their cover! Remember it. 


Monday, November 28, 2011

Visit Factory in POCARI SWEAT

5th semester, in my departement faculty, we must finished 'SKS' from perancangan pabrik 1. which is a visit factory. we choice the factory in another place, free! Days, months we skip it. Confused, hopeless, disappointed with the factory that can't be accept we proposal, etc. When, we hope -very hope- with the factory Pocari Sweat, finaly, we accept and you know? it made we happy. After all finished, we go to in Pocari Sweat. Very luxurious when entered into the first room. And from the guide Pocari Sweat, introduced the brand from they.

But, I must choose the dress who same with symbol from Pocari Sweat. It's a blue and white. And I fashion choose for my dress is a blue. Cause when I wear white, can be dirty :)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Red Vintage

get up from long a sleep, i can see glow star on my roof. red, green, yellow and blue. suddenly, i get inspiration dress code from that's colour. My inspiration today is RED. I think it's item very strong, brave and leader but no problems for me :) Fashion is a everything about my life.

Red jacket from MalindShop in yogyakarta. My little sister get it when her moved on with friend's.
Vintage bag. Most popular is a brown colour. But i have a pink colour. It's very unique and make me proud about my choice. simple and glamour.

and renda in up my dress. love it. and accessories from button. make my dress as look as oldest.

Red wedges shoes from fladeo shoes. I love it. very soft and pleasent.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

SARANGAN "Tawangmangu"

I was go to Sarangan Tawangmangu. Telaga sarangan in a deep 1287m (it's amazing)! and taked a photograph with low battery camera digital, handphone. hahaha. laughed with my friends about anything, shared, etc. after from Sarangan tawangmangu, downed from hill, buyed roasted corn and sate kelinci. yumy! I can speak loud in every street when in car. very nice trip. This moment, I just some uploaded photo.

Next photo about me in sarangan, Cooming Soon, bloggers!

sate kelinci ? why not ?

kuda dan kusirnya tetep action :)

pasar sarangan

kaos oleh - oleh

sandal favorite tourist

from hill

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The maker of Shadows

When back to Solo from Bali, My skin very black. you know why ? cause i often sunbathing in the beach and everywhere in walk Bali. Now, let's see, the maker of shadows from me :)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

about MY Friends "kicik - kicik"

 I have got 3 friends. They are Meidita Ellen Casparinda (Ellen), Rizal Darma Kusuma (Rizal) and Rendra Hardian Subandoro (Rendra). We always happy in everywhere. Share, Joke, Laugh, Sad, Showed adn etc.

She have a dream to be a woman like us women. Graduate, worked, married and given children.

He have a dream to became a lecturer. completing bachelor's and master resume. the researcher was his dream.
He had a dream to become a successful bodybuilder and became famous after graduating.

when we at City Walk

waiting the Bus (Batik Solo Trans) you can call BST.

Party at KFC when Ellen birthday

and many photos when we all activity in the campus, cafetaria, walk, mall, fieldtrip and etc.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Why is posting the blog this time ? Cause I'm now still stay work for paper, power point and absolutely write in my Blog :)
Maybe, tomorrow, I will gets up late. Hehe. But, I'm scared if my eyes will become "panda eyes" I don't like it! but, now, I finishing my work. And I want to take a rest, more precisely sleep. :)
And see you again bloggers :) i will turn off my computer.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy! can be friend with Mi Kyung Kim in Facebook

yesterday, when I buy the book is a "Fantastic Cosmetic" I'm very prouded. You know why ? Cause, buy it from my money. When I buy it, thingking to buy or not. But, I remember Mom, always said, "Buy it (the book) if very interesting for you. If not, don't buy it. Will spent your money" and I buy it. Hahaha.... very very like with the book it. And in front of the book, you can find the writer. Her name is Mi Kyung Kim. Then, i click the link website and blog. Voilaaa... it's very cute profile >,< look at the picture from her blog and facebook. I edited it used Photoshop

Mi Kyung Kim profile

My new friends from Facebook :)
Thank you :)

note : I'm realy fans of Mrs. Mi Kyung Kim :)