Saturday, October 22, 2011

Berat Badan Gak Stabil!

Last Sunday, when I finished my work, I study hard for KD 2. Monday Tuesday Wednesday.
I must get point A for any lessons. And you know ? when I spirit with my obsesion it, I tired and Sick! How about it ? It's very not so good. Alright. Sore throat, flu and very - very disgusting (slimy) ahaha.... I go to Doctor for check-up my self. YES. And My doctor say, "You must going to bed and take a rest. Don't be active with u'r daily in home, campus and anywhere". I just say "Hehehe. Doctor, why you know it ?". and My docter always say when I check-up "Because, you very smile and atractive. I'am Doctor and your My patient. I know it when every people check-up with me".

After check-up, I not take a rest in home, but I hunting food in Solo Square, Sushi Donburi. HAHA.
I'm so Sorry Doctor. :)

ini counter sushi dounburi di Solo Square

ini gambar wallpaper counter dipaling bawah :)

ini tempat pemesanan, kasir sama proses masaknya (jadi kita bs lihat) and yg spesial, makanan ini, kita ambil sendiri, gak ada pelayannya

Gyu Spicy RAMEN, I like it. Mushroomnya delicious :D

SALMON Salad Roll

Virgin Roll

Futomaki Roll

Crabs Roll

PSssttt: Setelah menikmati santapan kuliner sushi donburi, berat badan saya jadi 54kg! SUMPAH! ini berat badan paling besar dan very fat. But, I'm still happy. :)

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