Wednesday, August 10, 2011

thank you PONDS for your gift


para bloggers

yesterday, when i will go to bathroom for clean my body
suddenly, audible bell sound
i think "it's delivery man" (??)
and in front of my house, his speak "excusme, this house number 64?"
hurry, i go to front home. "yes, this it, why ?"
"and, your name amalia ?"
"yes, what's do you brought, Mr ?"
"this for you and please, signature in this"
a few minute later
i open the packet and i saw
"woooowwww, CAMELIA LEAF from POND'S"
and i speak loud, my mom and sister asking.
then, i tell about this, how i get new brand from POND'S

check this out:

you can find it, in website

- I'm so Happy :) -

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