Friday, January 14, 2011

Uhhmmm,,,, i want it, but.....

long time no write in blogger
yeah, u must know if i'm very busy with my paper and exams. ;)
okey, lets write my opini in brain. hihihi. yesterday, i'm go to mall in solo (not to be named), i see dress soo cutie ^,^ my eyes cant stop for blink. hohoho. when i approached, thinking about fashion from emma watson. look in photo:

cool gals

just say "i want it". but i can't bring lot of money. maybe afraid with bandit. if i use my "magic card" u know it atm, will spend moneybox, hehehe.... yeah, now in the world nothing is free. so, im love with my money. not u too?
maybe u can look my favorite jass for now. lets check out:

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