Tuesday, January 18, 2011

tired... but im happy, today

aloha. still stay with me in there. okaii. what are u doing today? hmm... if u have planed, i have :). in the morning, i go to kustati hospital, visit my uncle affected by accident. shocked with all patient in there. when, i lonely in the room, take my handphone and click, my self:

soo tired

at 14.00 o'clock, my hearts loud very hard! yeahhh... go to pondok jowi to launch. yes, u know, i order my fav ice, look at picture, sooo yummy :P

fruits ice

and then, i go to all-madina kafe :) soo unic for menu in there. yeah... i think i found some foods from arab. great... just indonesian food. it delicious....






and my energi back to my bodies. uyyeeeaahhh :)

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